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Front apron with holes for bumper bracket  111805591D
Front apron with holes for bumper bracket 111805591D
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JP Group Catalogue
  Water Pump, Thermostat Golf Mk1
    Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
 Plug for water flange  357121140   Plug for water flange 357121140
Fits: VW T4 1.8-2.8 (incl. D) 09/90- Caddy 1.4-1.9 (incl. D) 11/95- Caddy more 
 €3.28  Buy Now 
 Pulley Wheel, 1600/1800CC INc GTI 8V  026121031   Pulley Wheel, 1600/1800CC INc GTI 8V 026121031
Description Water Pump Pulley, V Belt Pulley. 1600-1800 Non Power Steering or Air more 
 €8.50  Buy Now 
 Pulley Wheel, Diesel  068121031   Pulley Wheel, Diesel 068121031
Description: V belt pulley for diesel engine, up to engine code >>C 630 000 CR, CS, JX more 
 €37.45  Buy Now 
 Seal for Thermostat  059121119   Seal for Thermostat 059121119
Fits: VW T.2 1.6-1.7D 01/81-07/90 VW T4 1.8-2.0 (incl. D) 09/90- more 
 €1.95  Buy Now 
 Seal Thermostat , Inc Diesel, 50mm Dia. 038121119B   Seal Thermostat , Inc Diesel, 50mm Dia. 038121119B
Description Seal for thermostat, 4mm/50mm Various engines, T4 1900-2000 petrol, T25 more 
 €1.85  Buy Now 
 Seal Thermostat, Golf, VAG  N0138115   Seal Thermostat, Golf, VAG N0138115
Seal, thermostat switch solid pipe to rear of bleeder valve T25 >7/85 Seal, oil filter more 
 €1.00  Buy Now 
 Thermostat  w/seal 92 degree 052121113A   Thermostat w/seal 92 degree 052121113A
Thermostat M k1 & MK 2 Golf 92 degree more 
 €7.95  Buy Now 
 Thermostat Housing, Flange 052121121D   Thermostat Housing, Flange 052121121D
Description Thermostat housing cover 1.1-1.3 litre engines Classic vw Fitting Info more 
 €19.95  Buy Now 
 Thermostat Kit, Diesel, 044121113   Thermostat Kit, Diesel, 044121113
Description Thermostat 87-102?c T4 engine fitment codes, 1X, ABL, 1.9 diesel, AAC, more 
 €7.85  Buy Now 
 Thermostat Rubber Seal, 1100/1300CC Models  052121119   Thermostat Rubber Seal, 1100/1300CC Models 052121119
Description Thermostat Rubber seal. 1.1-1.3 litre engines Good quality reproduction more 
 €1.85  Buy Now 
 Thermostat, 1100-1300CC > 7/78 036121113   Thermostat, 1100-1300CC > 7/78 036121113
Description Thermostat, inc. gasket, 1100-1300cc Mk1 Reproduction Fitting Info more 
 €3.95  Buy Now 
 Thermostat, 1100-1300CC > 8/78 - 7/83  036121113B   Thermostat, 1100-1300CC > 8/78 - 7/83 036121113B
Thermostat Including Gasket 1.1 and 1.3. GN, HK, GT, HW Engine codes Top more 
 €7.50  Buy Now 
 Thermostat, 80 C   056121113A   Thermostat, 80 C 056121113A
Thermostat, 80 C VW T.2 1.6D 08/87-07/90 Fits also: Audi 100 (a.c.) 1.6 more 
 €6.95  Buy Now 
 Thermostat, 80 C  VAG  075121113D   Thermostat, 80 C VAG 075121113D
Thermostat, 80 C Fits: VW T4 2.8 01/96- VW T4 5 speed 2.4D 09/90-04/ more 
 €10.60  Buy Now 
 Thermostat, 87 C  T25 & T4 & VAG 056121113D   Thermostat, 87 C T25 & T4 & VAG 056121113D
Thermostat, 87 C See also 056121113DS Fits: VW T.2 1.6-1.7D 01/84-07/92 more 
 €7.85  Buy Now 
 €3.95  Buy Now 
 Water flange for cooling system (-94) 037121132B   Water flange for cooling system (-94) 037121132B
Fits: VW T4 1.8 12/90-07/92 VW T4 2.0 08/92-07/94 Also: Audi 100 2.0 more 
 €9.75  Buy Now 
 €3.95  Buy Now 
 Water flange for cooling system 037121133C   Water flange for cooling system 037121133C
Fits Digifant Models: VW T4 2.0 09/90-12/95 Golf/Jetta (79-82 kW) 1.8 10/85-10/ more 
 €8.70  Buy Now 
 Water Flange Kit (VAG) 037198132B   Water Flange Kit (VAG) 037198132B
Water flange kit, THERMEX. Includes: Water flange, 3 plugs, 3 retaining rings more 
 €7.95  Buy Now 
 Water Flange, 1600-1800CC, All Models 8/81- 026121144E   Water Flange, 1600-1800CC, All Models 8/81- 026121144E
Description Coolant flange, on the gearbox side of head, comes with o-ring, more 
 €3.95  Buy Now 
 Water Flange, 1800CC, 16V 2/86 - 10/91  027121133E   Water Flange, 1800CC, 16V 2/86 - 10/91 027121133E
Description Coolant Flange, for GTI 16V engines and 2.0 engines KR and 9A codes Top more 
 €5.95  Buy Now 
 Water Flange, 1800CC, Gti  026121144F   Water Flange, 1800CC, Gti 026121144F
Description Coolant flange, Fits Mk1 Models 1800 GTI engines, DX and JJ codes Fits more 
 €4.60  Buy Now 
 Water Flange, All Diesel  068121133M   Water Flange, All Diesel 068121133M
Description Water flange with two water pipe fittings, one vertical, one horizontal and more 
 €6.70  Buy Now 
 Water flange, cooling system, Thermostat (1.8/2.0) 055121121F   Water flange, cooling system, Thermostat (1.8/2.0) 055121121F
Fits: VW T4 1.8-2.0 (incl. D) 09/90- Caddy 1.5-1.8 (incl. D) 10/82-07/92 more 
 €6.95  Buy Now 
 Water flange, for cooling system, VAG,068121132   Water flange, for cooling system, VAG,068121132
Water flange for cooling system Fits: VW T.2 1.6-1.7D 12/88-05/92 VW T4 more 
 €4.95  Buy Now 
 water pump  Housing  037121013A   water pump Housing 037121013A
Housing for water pump Fits: VW T.2 (power st.) 1.6D 01/81-07/85 VW T.2/ more 
 €22.50  Buy Now 
 Water Pump 1100-1300CC, All Years 052121004   Water Pump 1100-1300CC, All Years 052121004
Description Water Pump, to suit all "small block" Golfs 1100-1300 Engines Top more 
 €32.35  Buy Now 
 Water Pump 1500-1600CC Petrol> 7/81  026121010A   Water Pump 1500-1600CC Petrol> 7/81 026121010A
Description Pump, Water, complete, Pulley fits onto a 40mm centre bore Fits mk1 models, more 
 €41.75  Buy Now 
 Water Pump 1500-1800CC, All Models -Internals Only, No Housing 0   Water Pump 1500-1800CC, All Models -Internals Only, No Housing 0
Description Water pump internals, no housing, For engines 1500 onwards including diesel more 
 €17.50  Buy Now 
 Water Pump VAG 052121005A   Water Pump VAG 052121005A
WATER PUMP VW GOLF MK 1 HATCH (17) 04/74 - 07/83 1.1 Petrol Hatchback 50 FA, more 
 €33.00  Buy Now 
 Water Pump VAG T2/T4/Golf 026121005A   Water Pump VAG T2/T4/Golf 026121005A
KOLBENSCHMIDT TOP BRAND GERMAN Water pump without housing Fits: VW more 
 €21.85  Buy Now 
 Water Pump, (no housing)  026121005   Water Pump, (no housing) 026121005
Water pump without housing but supplied with the seal. For shaft diameter 30mm Corrado more 
 €21.55  Buy Now 
 Water Pump, 1.6-1.8, Petrol 8/81>, Diesel, 4/8 VAG   Water Pump, 1.6-1.8, Petrol 8/81>, Diesel, 4/8 VAG
Description Pulley fits onto a 30mm centre bore. Comes with 026 121 041 P main gasket, more 
 €49.85  Buy Now 
 Water pump, Complete EARLY T25 (1.6 D/TD)  056121011   Water pump, Complete EARLY T25 (1.6 D/TD) 056121011
40mm Centre Bore for pulley EARLY Water pump, complete Fits: VW T.2 (CS) more 
 €39.50  Buy Now 
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